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In the Defense Trainer, I've had a couple of times where I've discarded a tile that I thought was suji (e.g. 6s when the riichiing opponent had already discarded both the 3s and 9s) but wasn't, as well as a couple of times where I didn't discard a tile that I thought wasn't suji (e.g. 1m when nobody had discarded the 4m), but which I should have because they were. Am I misunderstanding suji, or is this a bug? If it's the former, is there documentation on what counts as suji and what doesn't?

I had a similar problem, but eventually figured out what I was missing.

For the former case, I assume either the 3s or the 9s was the riichi tile. Generally speaking, suji information from the riichi tile is considered less valuable; for the purposes of this trainer, the riichi tile should be ignored when determining suji by the standard "three away" method.

For the latter case, there was probably a wall on 2m or 3m. If you can see all four 2m or all four 3m, the attacking player is obviously not holding 23m; so 1m can be considered suji.

I see. Also, what's "one-shot" here?

I think one-chance is when there's three copies of a tile out or in your hand leaving only one possible for an opponent to have. So if you have a 1 and you see three 2s out, you know the chances are way slimmer they have the 2 and you'd throw the 1 hoping for the best.

That said, looking at the code, it doesn't look like detecting this is currently hooked up.

Thanks for this, it's really great. Silly question, but how do I get to the defense trainer?

There are buttons along the top of the screen to get to the other pages. "Folding" will take you to the defense trainer.

thanks so much!

Really great stuff, I'm learning a lot from your trainer, as a beginner Mahjong player. Thanks a bunch! Discovered you through DdRMaSTeRDan's YT channel.