My creation for the Virtual Pet Jam, Sphere Pet is a simple game where you feed a sphere various other spheres (cannibalism! Or is it canni-ball-ism?) and make it perform menial exercises for your amusement.


  • Feeding! Feed your sphere other spheres and watch it change colour like some sort of round flamingo!
  • Petting! Poke and rub your sphere to manipulate its tiny feelings!
  • Jumping! Jump into the sky! Channel the power of red to jump even higher!
  • Rolling! Roll around at the speed of spheres! Become green to go faster! (I couldn't use blue for legal reasons.)
  • Eleven distinct expressions!
  • Progress saving!

Sphere Pet was made in Unity 2017.3. I worked on it alone, with only the many iterations of spherical pets to keep me company.

Install instructions

Extract the files and run the file named "SpherePet_win64.exe". If you hold alt while doing so, you can change the resolution to something else, though I can't guarantee it will look pretty or sensible at extremely wide aspect ratios.


Download 34 MB

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