14/02/2019 Update

This update provides a bunch more information to the player for them to do with as they wish.

  • Added indicators showing the round wind, seat wind, and dora indicator. The round wind is picked randomly between East and South. The seat wind is picked randomly between all winds. The dora indicator is removed from the wall, and so is considered for tile efficiency. If you like trying to get high value hands while maintaining efficiency, these are for you!
  • The discard pool now contains text telling you how many tiles you've discarded, as well as how many are left in the wall.
  • A setting has been added for using three player rules. To be precise, with this setting on, the 2 through 8 of characters will be removed from the wall, and your seat wind will never be North.
  • The first hand upon starting a new session in the app will now properly have your settings applied to it.

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