05/18/2019 Update - Masochism

I've added a couple things to allow for some more cruel training.

First, you can now set the minimum shanten for a hand. You can set this as high as the number of allowed suits you have, so for all suits enabled, you can have a minimum of 4, but if you only have one suit enabled, it's can only go to a minimum of one. This is mostly for speed reasons. By setting this higher, you can ensure you'll have to do more than one or two discards.

Second, you can now conceal the hand. After your first discard, the tiles in your hand will be changed to tile backs, so you can't see them. Test your memory! There's not many people this will be useful for, but for those of you who wanted it, you're welcome. I recommend minimizing the history while playing like this so you can't cheat.

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