07/14/2019 - All Last and Localization

Lots of major updates to the trainer!

  • Localization support has been added! Alongside this, the code for the trainer is now open source. Check out the repository if you'd like to help with translations! Currently, a French translation has been completed by MordecaiXLII and is available now, and Ozball is working on a Japanese translation.
  • An All Last trainer has been added! Hone your ability to know exactly what hand you need to make a comeback in South 4! Or East 4, if you prefer tonpu.
  • The Replay Analyzer has been spruced up! It now has a new look which is closer to the Efficiency Trainer, and calls seem to be working now. You can even skip between just the issues!
  • Fixed a bug where the dora indicator wasn't removed from the tile pool.
  • When loading a hand, you can now specify the tsumo, winds, and dora. This is mostly for people who use the trainer to generate images.
    • For tsumo, enter a tile index followed by "t" (tsumo), for example, 14t to have the 4p as the drawn tile. This tile must be present in the hand.
    • For the winds, enter a number from 1-4, followed by "j" for the seat wind (jikaze, s was taken for souzu), or "r" or "b" for the round wind (bakaze).
    • For the dora, enter a tile index followed by "d" to make that the dora indicator. For example, enter 20d to have the 0s as the dora indicator.
    • 0~9 are manzu, 10~19 are pinzu, 20~29 are souzu, 31~37 are honors. 30 is unused.

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