22/02/2019 Update - Stats!

This update provides stats and several smaller improvements.

  • Red fives have been added. You can have any number between 0 and 12, and it defaults to three. If you like using this trainer to see how much efficiency loss you can avoid while still building a valuable hand, this might appeal to you! They are added in the order dots -> characters -> bamboo -> repeat. If you have one of the suits turned off, that red five won't appear either (so setting red fives to 3, but turning off characters will result in 2 red fives being in the wall).
  • Stats have been added. Various stats about your runs will be tracked and saved after every ready hand. Currently included are: Ready hands, total discards, total optimal discards, total efficiency acquired, total efficiency that could have been acquired. Some derivative stats are also shown, such as the average number of discards to reach ready.
  • You will now never be dealt a complete hand (Tenhou). This came up fairly often in single-suit play. Hopefully this change makes the single-suit mode more useful.
  • A message will now be shown if there aren't enough allowed tiles to build a hand with instead of things breaking. For example, if you turned off all tiles, or only had Characters on while also using three-player rules.
  • Keishiki tenpai is now checked for, and the game will not end if you reach keishiki tenpai. If your history isn't set to concise, keishiki tenpai will be explained in the case that you reach it. In short, your hand will not be counted as ready if all your winning tiles are currently in your hand. For example, load 11122223335555z, discard South or White Dragon. It still counts keishiki tenpai as 0 shanten, though, so it's not perfect.

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